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Autoposting macro on Facebook Friends Walls – FB Post Friends

FB Post FriendsThe macro is written for the FireFox browser iMacros plug-in. The versions at the time of macro writing:
iMacros version – 8.8.9
FireFox version – 35.0.1
Facebook interface languages: Russian/English
How to install iMacros.

FB Post Friends features

  • The macro takes groups from the created list in the filefb_post_friends.csv;
  • The macro publishes the text message on the Friend’s wall

Expanded macro (paid version) – FB Post Friends Pro – has such additional features:

  • Autoposting with three options: with the attached picture, with the attached link, simple text;
  • If the User isn’t a friend – a request is sent to add a User to Friends.
  • The text message is written in the separate text filetext.txt, the link to the image infbpicture.txt, and the link for the attachment infblink.txt
  • The macro creates separate base after posting in the file fb_base_after_friends_post, where notes the User link and action:
    • “wall publish” – it is published on the friend’s wall;
    • “add_a_friend” – a request is sent for the invitation in friends;
    • “waiting for adding” – a request in friends was already sent earlier, wait for moderation;
    • “no publish” -there is no possibility of the publication;
    • “error” – error;


1. Script installation

  1. Скопировать скрипт желательно в Notepad++, но можно и в блокнот. Ввести текст сообщения, которое нужно будет постить. Сообщение пишется после CHARS=”Вот тут текст в одну строчку ”
  2. It is desirable to copy a script in Notepad ++, but it is possible also in a notebook. Enter the text of the message which will need to be posted. The message is written after CONTENT =. Replace all gaps in the message with a tag <SP> and paragraphs with tag <BR>.
    For example, message

    Будет выглядеть:

    Or use iMacors TEXT GENERATOR

  3. Save the file of a macro with expansion.iim, for example fb_post_friends_W1S.iim. It is obligatory to adjust the coding – UTF-8
  4. Place the file of a macro in the Macros folder. Usually: C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\iMacros\Macros
  5. Creat the file fb_post_friends.csv,in the first column place links to the friends pages. To create the list of groups, use Facebook Friends Parser . Remember number of groups. Place the file in the Datasources folder C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\iMacros\Datasources
  6. Open the FireFox browser, go to the Facebook to enter the login and the password.
  7. ЗStart Firefox plug-in iMacros, find in the left window saved macro, as on the example fb_post_friends_W1S.iim, guide at it the cursor (press the left button of a mouse once)
  8. In the field “Repeat a macro – Max.:” enter number of groups of item 4. Press”Playback (Loop)“.

Enjoy yourselves!!! The macro works for you)
For better work download the paid version of a macro –FB Post Friends Pro

Script in work

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  1. Хотел приобрести у Вас “Макрос автопостинга по группам Facebook расширенный — FB Post Group Pro”, но вдруг и он не будет писать сообщения как и этот?! Жду ваш ответ! Спасибо!!!

  2. Ваш скрипт не пишет сообщение в фейсбуке!!! Что можно предпринять! Спасибо!!!

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