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Facebook Friends autoposting extended macro – FB Post Friends Pro

FB Post Friends Pro

 7.99 USD

Update May 2016: for today it is 100% a working macroes.
FB Post Friends Pro – macro of autoposting on the Facebook friends. Posts only from one account.
Macroes it is written for the Firefox browser iMacros plug-in. The version at the time of macro creation:
The version of iMacros – 8.9.7
The version of Firefox – 45.0.2
Language – Russian/English

FB Post Friends Pro Features

  • The list of friends is in the file fb_post_friends.txt ;
  • Posts with the image;
  • Posts with interactive attached link;
  • If the user doesn’t a friend – a request for the adding to friends is sent.

    Is important!!! Only friends can leave the posts on the Facebook friends wall therefore it is previously necessary to be added to friends.

  • The macro creates the report of posting in the file fb_report_friends_post.txt where it notes all actions:
    • wall publish” – is published on the friend wall”;
    • add_a_friend” – a request for the adding to friends has been sent;
    • no publish” – there is no possibility of the publication;
    • “error” – error or mistake;
    • ban” – the user is banned;


1. Script installation

  1. Buy the script. You can choose one of the service for payment: PayPal or Interkassa . Be attentive! The downloading link will be send to your e-mail after payment.
    If for any reason after payment the e-mail is absent, urgently write me on e-mail: admin@stepfor.top
  2. Download file by the link which will come to your e-mail after payment.
  3. Unpack the file. Copy files from each folder in the archive to the same names in the iMacros folder:
  4. FB_Post_friend_W1S.js – to the Macros folder.
  5. fbtext.txt , fblink.txt , fb_post_friends.txt and 01.png – to the Datasourse folder.

2. Files to prepare

You can find the examples of all files in the purchased archive.

  1. fb_post_friends.txt – file of friends list for autoposting. To gather friends you can to use Facebook People Parser, Facebook Friends Parser, Facebook Members Parser or any other program. You need to copy friends links to fb_post_friends.txt which is in the Datasourses folder.
  2. fbtext.txt – write the message which needs to be posted on friends walls in fbtext.txt file which is also is in Datasourses folder. The message has to be placed in double quotes, but inside the message is impossible to use any quotes.
  3. fblink.txt – in the fblink.txt file write the link which it will be necessary to attach to the post.
  4. 01.png the picture which needs to be attached to a post. You need to rename your own picture as 01.png and put it to the Datasourses folder .

3. FB Post Friends Pro in work

  1. Open the Firefox browser, goto Facebook social network and enter the login and the password
  2. Start Firefox and swich on iMacros add-on, find FB_Post_friend_W1S.js in the left window of iMacros add-on.
  3. Start a script by mouse double click.
  4. The macro will ask one question “The post will attach (enter figure): 1. Picture; 2. Link?”. Depending on the fact that you want to attach to the text enter only figure: 1 or 2.
  5. After completion of work, a macro keeps data of work in the report file fb_report_friends_post.txt.

Enjoy yourselves!!! Macro work for you)

Video demonstration

will be soon…

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