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Google TOP-100 site rating. Script of site position in Google TOP-100 – Google TOP 100 Position Pro

Google TOP 100 Position Pro

 5.99 USD

The macro is written for the FireFox browser iMacros plug-in. The versions at the time of macro writing:
iMacros version – 8.9.4
FireFox version – 42.0
Facebook interface languages – Russian/English

Google TOP 100 Position Pro main functions

  • In the separate file – google_search_queries.csv – you can write any quantity of search queries.
  • In the separate file – site_4_google.txt – site domain.
  • The result of work the script will save in the separate file- TOP_100.txt. All inquiries, and near it a site place in the Google TOP 100, will be listed in this file and if it doesn’t find the site in the first hundred points of Google search results it will alse marked it.
  • The script “passes” by all inquiries and looks for the specified domain in the first hundred points of Google SERP. If the domain is, the script will write it place in the SERP if isn’t present, then will write “The site is outside TOP-100.


1. Script installation

  1. Buy script. You can choose the payment system between Interkassa or Paypal. Interkassa propose a lot of variants of payment. The download link will come to e-mail specified by you upon purchase. Be attentive!!!
    If for any reason after perfect payment the e-mail with download link didn’t come, or the file isn’t downloaded, urgently write me on e-mail: admin@stepfor.top.
  2. Download archieve Google TOP 100 Position W1S.rar by the link, that you see in your e-mail after payment.
  3. Unpack and copy the file Google_TOP_100_Position_W1S_eng.js into Macros folder.
    The plug-in iMacros create three folders (usually the path to the folder iMacros is like this: C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\iMacros\):

    • Datasouses
    • Downloads
    • Macros

    All scripts and macros have to be placed to the Macros folder.

2. Google SERP Parser Pro work

  1. To prepare the file google_search_queries.csv . Create new document in notepad ++, write all search queries to a column and save as google_search_queries.csv. Place this file in the folder Datasources . Remember quantity of search queries!!!
  2. Prepare the file site_4_google.txt . Created new documentin notepad ++ , write the domain (only the domain!!!) which will need to be checked and save as site_4_google.txt . Be attentive with extensions of the file. There were cases when expansion was written two times. Then the script won’t work. Place this file in the folder of Datasources
  3. Open the browser Firefox
  4. Turn on the iMacros, find Google_TOP_100_Position_W1S_eng.js in the left window.
  5. Double click to start the script.
  6. Answer a question: “How many seconds to remain on the site (enter number)?” – enter number of seconds
  7. Answer the question: “How many search queries in the file?” – enter amount of inquiries from par 2.1
  8. After completion of work, the macro will keep a database in the TOP_100.txt of Dlownloads folder.

Enjoy yourselves!!! The macro works for you)

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